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Car carousel: car turntable for car parks, driveways and car dealers

The revolving platform for cars impresses with many uses:

  • Ease parking in and out of private driveways
  • Better use of public spaces and car parks
  • Easy photography of cars from all directions for car dealers

The simple control via touch panel or smartphone means that there is no “fear of contact” with the car turntable.

The new Car Carousel provides the necessary clearance for narrow access roads and/or unclear exits.

As convenient as it is to be able to park your vehicle in your own driveway, parking out can sometimes be difficult.

Many house exits and neighbouring parking spaces often cause worry lines, because a hedge as a view restriction or a gate that could not be narrower are a cause of stress behind the steering wheel.

The mere fact of driving away arouses resentment, because the time factor is becoming more and more precious in today’s fast-paced world. And who needs a scratch in the paintwork when the next appointment is in twenty minutes?

Even if the most experienced driver is tactically at a loss, the car turntable can ensure that he too can drive off without dents and scratches to the paintwork.

Car turntable for car dealerships

The Car Carousel is not only convincing in a private environment. Several car dealerships and dealers already rely on the simple possibility of photographing their cars from all sides with the help of the revolving platform.

  • The car is parked once and can be photographed from all sides
  • The camera only needs to be set up once
  • Same background for all photos
  • Equal lighting conditions from all sides

In addition to more efficient photography, you will also benefit from the more professional impression that will set you apart from other suppliers.


Functionality of the revolving platform for cars

The turntable function is convenient to use. After the car has been steered onto the 360-degree turntable, the process can begin.

To do this, the desired angle of rotation (90°, 180°, 270°) must be selected on the screen of the personal smartphone. The direction of rotation of the vehicle can also be freely selected.

The duration of the rotation process is very short. The Car Carousel needs only 35 seconds for a half turn. When the turn is complete, the car can be steered forwards out of the blind exit.

“The focus is on durability, freedom from maintenance, function and operational safety in all winds and weathers. The Car Carousel works 365 days a year.”

Convenient operation via smartphone in a warm car or directly on the control unit.

Technical details

The innovative product resulted from a collaboration with the HTL Waidhofen/Ybbs, whereby the two graduates Florian Rettensteiner and Andreas Riedler co-developed the system as part of their scientific diploma thesis.

The Car Carousel is made up of several components. The material is sheet steel. The drive is located inside the car turntable. A motor located underneath the turntable sets the vehicle in a rotating motion. The person operating the carousel can determine the desired target position on the touch panel, on the mobile phone or, in emergency mode, manually with a hand pump.

A classic traffic light circuit provides feedback on the current status of the system. The green light is on when the system is ready for operation. If the turntable is in motion and thus the vehicle on it is turning, an orange flashing light appears.

If the traffic light is red, operation is not possible. This occurs if there are obstacles or persons in the rotation area of the system. For safety reasons, the Carousel stops rotating automatically if there is danger to people or animals or if damage to property should be prevented.

The Car Carousel can be switched on under all environmental conditions. The hydraulic motor is operated by means of a pump which is fed with power current.

If no power supply is available during the movement (power failure), the coupling can still be operated by means of a hand pump and the vehicle can be moved to the desired end position.

Not all driveways are level. It happens that entrances and exits are slanted. The car turntable can also be used under these conditions.