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Rotary milking parlour for sheep, goats and cows

with 24, 36 or 48 milking stalls

The rotary milking parlour is essentially used for sheep and goats.

However, it can also be built for use with cows, customising the size and specifications to your individual needs.


Performance data for our rotary milking parlour:

24 milking stalls: 240 animals per hour = one milking round every 15 seconds

36 milking stalls: 400 animals per hour = one milking round every 9 seconds

48 milking stalls: 560 animals per hour = one milking round every 6.4 seconds

a new milking parlour after delivery

built for daily use

We place great emphasis on the safe operation, user-friendliness and solidity of our products, which allows us to provide you with a very good, almost maintenance-free, exceptionally long-lasting product.

modern technology simplifies your work.

technical details and procedure

  • rotary milking platform with 24 stalls
  • fully variable hydraulic controls
  • swivel coupler connection for milking line and 7 pin electric terminal box
  • feed concentrate dosage with control
  • one serving of feed concentrate
  • animal approaches the food
  • automatic trapping mechanism shuts
  • the milking process can begin
  • automatic trapping mechanism opens
  • safety switches make sure the animals come to no harm
  • the animals were successfully milked!